Take your email marketing to the next level with Mailody's competitive insights

Send Time Analysis

Understand your competition’s email distribution over any week, month, or the entire year. With Mailody, you can also identify their most popular send times.

Learn when your prospective customers are likely to receive emails from your competitors, so you can make sure your emails don’t get buried.

Mailody shows you when your competitors are increasing their email volume over specific holidays, sales periods or other relevant seasonal changes for your industry, enabling you to stay ahead of your competition.

Comparison Reports

Examine activities of one specific competitor, a group of competitors within your industry, or large brands that inspire you!

Mailody analyzes how email activities between specific competitors – or entire groups of competitors – differ.

Compare your own activities versus those of your competitors, others within your industry, or influential brands.

Design & Content Inspiration

Inspire your own marketing efforts with great copywriting, design & promotions. Get ideas from brands you follow or directly from your competitors.

Mailody’s interactive email browser also lets you download the HTML source code for any email, so you can understand and replicate similar elements in your own emails.

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Transactional & Personalized Email Analysis

Use your unique Mailody email address to receive personalized emails from your competitors based on your email preferences and the details you provide during signup!

You can even use this address to sign up to competitors’ offers, order from them, abandon a cart, register an account …. and the Mailody platform will analyse their emails for you!

Mailody will collect all emails in one place so you can use our powerful analytics to dissect your competition’s strategy.

Subject Line Analysis in Mailody

Subject Line Analysis

At a glance: See your competitors’ most frequently used words in subject lines and their average subject line length.

Identify trending themes among your competitors or followed brands, and adjust your own strategy.

Discover gaps and opportunities in your own subject line wording and themes.

Competitive Insights at a Glance

Stay up to date on your competitors’ activities and understand how your activities compare to your competitors at a glance.

Mailody lets you analyze and compare the most important statistics for your competitors’ and followed brands.

Understand your competitors’ send pace, see the total number of email campaigns they have sent during any timeframe, the average number of included links and images, and their most popular send time and day.

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